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This is a platform to the investors to get interesting and fact based ideas given by various broking houses and experts. This is a platform meant for collection of sector and stock specific financial and non financial ideas. The fundamental and technical experts of each broking house hereby tried to suggest investors through their endless ideas.

Subscribe to our any packages you like to associate with so that you can get research reports and knowledge about sector/stock/economy specific ideas. Subscribers to this service will be given login name and password, which will give them access to their own account what they activate.

You can view the idea in a nutshell by clicking the RESEARCH SUMMARY button next to the company name.

This platform also enlists all the ideas of the past year with the price on the idea publishing date, current price (updated online with few minutes delay) and high/low. This helps you to track their prices on a continuous basis.


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1. This platform is to get interesting ideas about capital market, we are not responsible for any losses ocured from the research you get.
2. No broking houses are responsible for the research they made.
3. This platform is a collection of research reports from the famous broking houses in India. The tips and tricks are offered by the broking houses towards their clients, this does not mean the accuracy of the calls they made.
4. The calls may not be successful as equity market is affected by lots of other factors.